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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Life Lesson: Begin Anywhere

When I began the first days of this new year (2018), I had a momentary hesitation. Where do I start with this new project? Fortunately, I had my morning routine all planned out and waiting for me to dive in. I had my stack of daily reading material sitting prominently in the center of my desk. And shortly after opening up and reading a short while, I had my answer.

"Begin anywhere." One of my books told of the John Cage story about some performers working to learn one of his pieces and not sure how to approach it, and Mr. Cage gave them this advice. It is terrific advice.

Start anywhere. Get started. Today. Get busy.

And while you are getting busy and getting started, take a look around and see if you can connect to others -- others who have gone on this particular journey before you or may be on that journey now.

The interesting thing is that I also discovered again that synchronicity is alive and well, because my other reading material seemed to present a great number of connected things although on the surface I would not have expected five books written by five different authors and addressing five different areas to align together so masterfully. I was reminded that "you have to help it come about. . . . All good things have small beginnings." (Eileen Caddy, Opening Doors Within).

Do not be lulled into complacency on your journey by thinking that things come "out of nowhere." (Julia Cameron, The Writing Diet)If we reflect, even just momentarily, we will discern the seeds that came out of somewhere. If we lapse or relapse, we need to reflect on the "somewhere," forgive ourselves, and try again.

What are some of today's tools that I will use? Here are a few thoughts I read or noted after reading:
  • fill my heart with gratitude; grateful equals an open heart
  • expect the very best
  • live out faith and trust
  • rely on intuition and inner knowing
  • remember that love changes lives
  • accept faith and belief in the wonder of it all
  • express my gratitude
This journey is about learning how to live. It is about figuring out the tools and companions that you will take with you or rely on as you travel. The journey is about looking for and experiencing to the fullest the life lessons that are yours.

What beckons you to get started doing?

Until next time,

Happy Practicing!

----- Paula -----

© 2018 by Paula E. Bird

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