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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

11 Aspirations for the New Year (2018)

I recently published a podcast episode about my 11 aspirations for the new year 2018. I thought I would share those aspirations on the blog as well. If you would like to listen to a more in-depth discussion of how these aspirations came to be and the reasons why I wrote them, click here

Here are the big 11:
  1. Look for Things to be Grateful for
  2. Smile More and Smile Often
  3. Reduce Overthinking About Small Tasks (Checklists!)
  4. Schedule Regular Review and Reflection Times
  5. Work While at Work (and Schedule It!)
  6. Reflect
  7. Think "Yes, and"
  8. Return Things to Neutral
  9. Read and Learn More
  10. Just One Thing
  11. Write More
To look at these aspirations every day (or more frequently depending on where I have hung the list) would not be the best way to ensure that I would actually do the steps that underly these aspirations. So I wrote out a series of questions that partner with the aspirations. When I review and answer these questions, I find that I take the necessary steps ("just one thing") to accomplish something represented in the aspirations list. Here are the questions that I currently review each day:
  • What am I grateful for today?
  • What lessons did I learn today?
  • What hope or love will I discover today?
  • How many smiles have I given away?
  • What tasks can I create a checklist for?
  • Did I schedule my weekly sitdown?
  • What work periods have I scheduled today?
  • What do I want to reflect about?
    • What worked or did not work?
    • What do I want more or less of?
    • What did I accomplish?
    • What am I committed 100% for tomorrow?
  • Did I return my spaces to neutral?
  • Did I read to learn more today?
  • What one thing can I do to take a step forward on a project?
  • Did I write?
I typed up the list of aspirations on one page and the aspiration questions on another page. Then I laminated these two documents back-to-back so that I can flip the document from one side to the other. If I want to add something to either side, I can use a dry erase or regular marker, or I can redo the entire laminated list. I then placed several copies of these laminated cards in various places of my life so that I can refer to them often and easily.

Already after merely a few days, I have noticed a positive effect. Some of the aspirations have entered my subconscious mind while I am working on chores or walking around. That was my purpose in creating a list of aspirations, and I am pleased with the results.

Do you have a list of aspirations for your life for this new year? What questions can you develop that would help you to perform the steps that you would need to achieve your aspirations?

Until next time,

Happy Practicing!

----- Paula -----

© 2018 by Paula E. Bird

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