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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Podcast Episode 004: Top 10 Things a Suzuki Parent Should Know

This podcast episode 4 sets out my top 10 list of things that I want my Suzuki student parents to know. I believe that these 10 things are basic steps that are crucial to a successful journey in the Suzuki Method world. I talk about these important topics:
1- The Suzuki Method
2 - The 6 Suzuki Method Philosophical points
3 - The Suzuki Triangle
4 - The importance of daily listening
5 - The importance of daily practice
6 - Understanding the personalities of the parent, child, and teacher
7 - Understanding the parenting style in the home and how to improve it
8 - The important points to help a child in home practices
9 - The important points to help a child at lessons
10 - The important points to help a child at group classes
Have a listen and see if you include these same points in your top 10 list. If you have more items to suggest, please contact me. You can leave me a voicemail on my voicemail line at: (512) 537-6356. Or you can email me at
You can also follow me on Facebook on my Teach Suzuki page. My Twitter handle is @PaulaEBird and my instagram handle is paula_bird_violin.
Until next time,
Happy Practicing!
----- Paula -----
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