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Friday, January 18, 2019

Weekly Mission #2: Clarity in Our Physical Spaces

Our second weekly mission is to seek clarity in our physical spaces. What’s important about getting clarity about our physical spaces? It will help us to focus our attention and efforts better. Our pathway will be clearer to us. Instead of a jumbled, tangled growth over the path that we need to clear out that mess in order to find and follow our trail. Do here are some questions that might help us:
  • What is my purpose in this space?
  • Are there things in this space what will further my purpose, or will they distract me from my purpose and get in the way?
  • Are there things here that need to be returned to their proper homes, or do I need to find or create new homes for these things?
  • Can I declutter or simplify the things that occupy this space?
  • And finally, I find it helpful to make a bullet point list of small tasks or observations about small tasks. Then when I have a minute before beginning my work, or in between students, or at the end of my teaching period, I can select one item from my list and do it. When I follow this 5th step, I am always amazed at how quickly my physical space begins to look neat and orderly. Before I know it, my space is clear again.

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