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Saturday, January 27, 2018

Reflection: What's Possible?

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Recently in a conversation with a teacher friend, we talked about her insights from the week. My friend had recently returned from a teacher workshop, and as is typical of such events, had returned with renewed enthusiasm, affirming reassurance that she was doing a good job as a teacher, and something else.

She told me that it was not the teaching points or ideas that were her main "takeaway" thoughts from the workshop. Instead, she was reminded of "what's possible," and possibility is a very strong idea.

When we use the word "possible," we pack in many shades of meaning. We refer to limits, in that we stay within our limits of ability ("It's possible I can do that"). We refer to what can be accomplished naturally, as in, the best possible thing we can do.

We refer to things that may or may not happen or be true ("It's possible she will learn this" or "it's possible that may have happened"). We also use the word "possible" to indicate potential, as in, it is possible for our students to learn this song in a week.

The origin of the word "possible" means "to be able," and that concept is also very powerful.

  • What are we able to do? 
  • What are we able to be? 
  • What is possible?

Life can be tedious in its relentless demands to heed to daily necessities:

  • go to work
  • take care of the family
  • follow the schedule

What happens though when we take a step to the side of the road for just a few seconds and contemplate "what's possible?" What part of this grand idea have we focused on?

  • our limits
  • our natural accoplishment
  • truth or falsehood
  • our potential

Let today's reflection be a reminder to think and focus on what is possible.

Until next time,

Happy Practicing!

----- Paula -----

© 2018 by Paula E. Bird

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