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Monday, January 1, 2018

New Year, New Life Lessons

Happy New Year -- a time for reflection, introspection, and redirection. For me this time of year represents an opportunity to step back and reassess how things are going, where I want to go in the future, and perhaps even a refocus in an entirely new direction. I am generally surprised each year by the thoughts that I have and the discoveries I make about myself, and I thought that my readers would also enjoy going through this sort of life lesson process.

I wondered if going through such a process of introspection would be welcome in the teaching community, and so I thought I would add this feature and pull back the curtain a little bit to let you peak into my inner life. Why not? I thought. Why not let everyone in on your innermost thoughts? Or at least let everyone share the questions that I wrestle with.

Each week I will post a little life lesson material, which will be the same ideas, questions, and process of introspection that I myself also think about and strive to answer to my satisfaction. Keep in mind that this is a process, and where we are today may not be the same place that we will be next year. Nor will we (hopefully) be in the same place as the year progresses. We will see. For now, this is an idea I had to share with you my process of growth personally, and to be open about it with my readers and invite you to share this particular type of journey with me.

I recently podcast about 11 aspirations I have for the coming year. You can listen to that episode here. One of my aspirations was to write more, and my purpose in writing this aspiration was to write more in terms of essays. This type of essay is that sort of writing that I mean.

Please join me in this journey. I will write about the types of things I want to think about during the weeks to come, and I hope that you will share your own insights and discoveries in the comments below.

Until new time, 

Happy Practicing!

----- Paula -----

© 2018 by Paula E. Bird

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