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Thursday, January 5, 2017

90 Day Square Followup

I released a podcast recording on January 1 about my new twist to goal setting, and I posted a blog article the next day with pictures to explain my system. I thought my readers might be interested in how the process went so far this week.

I love the new system! I look through the form every day, so the items that I have listed on my 90-day plan stay fresh in my mind. I put copies of my completed plan in various places in my home so that I would bump into it on a regular basis. That plan seems to work also.

Here are the main lessons I have learned so far:
  • If I look at my plan daily or even more than once during a day keeps me focused on the things that I want to achieve.
  • The four quadrants help me recall that the four areas of my life need to be balanced. I need to do something in each quadrant and not work in one area alone.
  • The three columns of 30-60-90 days remind me that time passes all too quickly if I do not pay attention.
I have not yet put the finished product in my bullet journal because I am near the end of my journal. I would rather wait until I have a new journal to include the new plan. I may not even put the plan in my journal at all because it is all set out in a fine manner so far. I do not need to copy it once again. I did use my bullet journal quite extensively to create the plan, and I plan to use my bullet journal -- a new one -- when I formulate my next 90-day plan.

It is commonly said that you get what you focus on. I find that having my plan before me has encouraged me to keep my focus on my plan.

I hope that whatever system you have formulated for yourself this new year helps you to stay focused on your goals.

Happy Practicing!

----- Paula -----

© 2017 by Paula E. Bird

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