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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Inappropriate Bow Usage (Humor)

It all started one day when one of my young students tried to scratch her back during her lesson with the tip of her bow.

"You're not doing it right," I told her. I showed her how much more effective her bow would be as a backscratcher if she turned it around and used the frog of her bow.

student uses violin bow as backscratcher
Violin Bow Backscratcher

I have been using my bow in this manner for years during symphony rehearsals. I am notorious for having an itchy back, and I have a lot of backscratchers around my house. Unfortunately, this ample backscratcher supply does not help me during symphony rehearsals, so I learned how to improvise with my bow.

My students and I then began to think of other inappropriate uses of the bow as an exercise in humor and creativity. Here is what we came up with. Before you proceed though, let me be sure that you are clear that this is all supposed to be humorous. Please, please, please do not do this at home. I assure you that no one and no bow was hurt during this photo shoot.

I imagine that we will come up with many more creative ideas. Join me in a photo challenge in the next few weeks on my Facebook page: Teach Suzuki. We would love to see what fun and creative ideas you and your students and children come up with for inappropriate bow usage! Click here for the Teach Suzuki (Facebook Page).

Student uses violin bow as dagger at mother's throat
Bow Dagger
student uses violin bow like chopsticks

Student using a violin bow to hit a teacher
Don't Hit Your Teacher!
student uses violin bow to play music stand shuffleboard
Music Stand Shuffleboard
students use violin bow as fencing epee or sword
Violin Bow Fencing
Student uses violin bow as an eating utensil
Eating Utensil

student uses violin and bow to shoot like an arrow
Violin Bow and Arrow
student uses violin bow as ski poles
Ski Poles
Students use violin bows as swords
Violin Bow Sword Play
Student uses violin bow as golfing iron
Violin Bow Golfing Iron

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