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Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday Morning Check In: Quoting Myself

Written by Paula E. Bird, copyright 2014

Recently I have derived a great deal of enjoyment by quoting myself. In the past I have regularly put "words of wisdom" written by others on my office door. These quotes relate to all manner of things that pertain to a student's university experience. I collect quotes from others regarding life pursuits, wisdom, goal setting, character building, etc. A few weeks ago though, I decided to write my own quote:
"The habit of making excuses reveals a weakness of character." -- Paula E. Bird
Underneath that quote I included a three-page document written by a University of Wisconsin professor that refuted the types of excuses that his students made on course evaluation forms. This document reminded me of Dr. Laura Schlessinger's response to a caller, who answered the question of why she chose to do something that I thought was splendidly idiotic and without any thought, "I dunno." Dr. Laura was horrified: "This is your life! How can you not give what you do any thought whatsoever?"

I agree. I agree as a person, a teacher, and as a university instructor. My life and your lives require thoughtfulness and appropriate attention. We should make conscious choices about what it is we want to do, why we want to do it, and what we want to accomplish in the end. Our lives are not something that should be spent with an attitude that cavalierly brushes off any involvement or personal responsibility. So, I have begun my own thoughtful exercise: crafting my own office door quotes:
"Today is one step closer to your future. What will you do today to prepare for it?" 
"Don't confuse uncomfortable with different. Uncomfortable is when someone is poking you with a stick. Different is when you are building a new habit. Uncomfortable, you try to stop. Different, you encourage."
 Making up my own quotes is fun! I have to think about how to craft my remark so that it is short and memorable. What a great writing and thinking exercise!

What quote can you write for yourself and your students this week?

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