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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Rome Festival Orchestra 2014

Today is an unusual post. I am not writing an article about how to be a better Suzuki parent or teacher. Instead I am making an appeal to my readers and friends.

I am raising funds for 8-10 of my university students to travel to Rome, Italy in summer 2014 to participate in the Rome Festival Orchestra. This is a three-week program, and the students will learn a great deal of demanding repertoire. In additional to orchestral performances, the students will be presenting several staged and costumed opera suites and at least one full-blown opera production. The students will also perform chamber music works and participate in recitals. All of this music-making takes place in the heart of the city of Rome, within the shadow of the oldest part of the city and within walking distance of the Vatican. The students will have opportunities to visit places of historical and cultural significance, including museums.

The students will return home with renewed enthusiasm for their music studies as well as with a new maturity that comes from the travel and educational experience of living in a foreign country, especially a country of such great musical and historical significance.

How can you help? Please visit the following link to read more about my campaign to raise the necessary funds to make this experience happen. Then consider joining my campaign to fund this experience. You can find out much more information by visiting: my campaign.

I have set my campaign for 60 days to reach our goal. Thank you for your consideration. I hope to report great success in the coming months.

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  1. Hi Paula, sounds like a great experience! I can't see the video at your indiegogo site because, the site tells me, the video is private.