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Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday Morning Check In: Taking a Break

Written by Paula E. Bird ©2013

This is the first Monday of spring break for me. Yay!

Uh oh, I see a problem ahead. Knowing that spring break was around the corner, I managed to save a lot of unfinished items on my "to do" list. Now I am faced with a list of things that must be managed, but I also know that I need the break to recharge my creative batteries. I suspect that many of you have done the same thing. Here is how I propose that we handle this problem.

  • Write it all down: Write down everything that you need to finish during the break.
  • Consolidate: Group activities by similarity, such as appointments, errands, phone calls, and computer work.
  • Schedule Appointments: Put appointments on your calendar first. These are the items that cannot be altered, such as dental appointments, vet appointments, and car service appointments.
  • Schedule "Break Time": Look at your calendar for the week and schedule your vacation time. Were you going to read a book or go to a movie? Were you going to spend time with family, or visit a park? Put these things on your calendar first. Knowing that you have scheduled actual break time will help a lot to generate the energy you need to tackle those unfinished to do items.
  • Schedule "To Do" Time: Look at your calendar for the week and schedule times to tackle the items on your to do list in the remaining free time you have.
Now, you can go about your spring break and enjoy yourself knowing that you have planned break time and work time. Even though you will still be working, you will be placing that work in a different priority mindset.

If you would like to find out more about this type of scheduling, visit Neil Fiore and his "The Now Habit."

Today is the 10th Monday of 2013. Take out your 10th penny. Click here to find out what this is all about.

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