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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tricky Bits Day

Parents and Practice Partners, make a list of all the tricky bits in your student's current repertoire and review material. Today is Tricky Bits Day.

If your child struggles with Variation B, put that on the list. If your child consistently forgets how to play the third part of Allegretto, put that on the list. If your piano student struggles with legato in the left hand versus repeated notes in the right hand in Clair de la Lune, put those measures on the list.

Number the items on the list from 1-6. If you have more items than 6, start numbering again from 1-6 until every item has its own number.

Get your child ready to go and have him throw the dice. Now begin practicing the items on your list.

Check off items that have been completed.

Another way to play this game is with Sue Hunt's Review cards ( or with Lindsay Logsdon's Pirates Practice ( (I write the tricky bits places on the practice cards).

Thanks to Sue Hunt for the expression, "Tricky Bits."


  1. 4 year old is starting variation B and can't do it yet. I would love some suggestions on ways to make this fun for her rather than being stuck on the fact that she can't do it yet. She can clap it but we need more activities so the focus isn't on the fact that she can't do it.

    1. You inspired me to write an article about this. I will post this within the week. Good question and raised up some great teacher thoughts.