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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Book Review Week

Last week was the first week of the new month. We reviewed Twinkles at every lesson. This is the second week of the month. I suggest that we review the songs in each student's particular book. If the student is in book 1, then I begin with the first song after the Twinkle variations and proceed until we have reached the point that the student is learning. Along the way, I make sure that the teaching points are still in place, I point out to the parent where the teaching points will lead to in the future, and I reinforce to both the student and parent that review is important. If the student is in another book, then I begin at the beginning of the book and work through each song consecutively until we reach the point in the book where the student is working.

If a student or parent has fallen down in the review area, this is my opportunity to help them get back on track. Sometimes students and parents do not understand the need for review, and I can discuss the subject with them. Sometimes a parent has not fully committed to the idea of group classes or to making group class attendance a priority. I can use the review subject as a way to encourage parents to attend group classes, as we do a lot of our review during group class.

This week is about reviewing the student's book. As we review the student's book, I find that this concentrated review of the student's current book helps the student to play the later songs of the book better. It also helps the student to prepare for a book graduation recital. It is a very powerful review session. The first book review we do in the fall semester usually takes one or two lessons to complete. After parents and students realize that I will perform the review again in a month, I find that the book review is better organized the next month. I also remind parents that the Twinkle or book review is coming up.

Give this a try and see if my suggestion helps your students and parents as well in their Suzuki journey.

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