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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Practice Focus: Square 'Em Up!

Today's practice focus is about posture, as in "square up your shoulders." I like to set aside one day every week where I check in with my posture, usually on a Monday but it could be any day you choose. An alternative might be to check posture on one thing everyday, such as a scale. I look in a full length mirror as I practice and note how straight my bow is and whether I am standing correctly when I play.

For me the easiest way to check in on my posture is to travel along my checklist from the bottom to the top. I start with my feet, then my knees, then my pelvis, torso, shoulders, arms, and finally neck and head. My body has not changed much in terms of height, so I have not had to make many adjustments with my shoulder rest. In the case of my students, however, I frequently tweak the shoulder rest to accommodate any growth changes.

Here are links to some of my earlier posts about posture:

We have many things to accomplish in our practice sessions. For today, however, just focus on whether your posture is correct, in alignment, and set up for success.

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