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Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Morning Check In: I am Home!

Good Morning!

I am back home from our New York City trip. For those readers just tuning in, I am a member of the Artisan Quartet, a professional string quartet. A year ago, MidAmerica Productions invited us to be part of its 30th anniversary series in Carnegie Hall Weill Theater. We performed last Thursday night, March 22, to a full house. It was a great concert and a terrific audience. We received a standing ovation and an invitation to return next year.

We had a lovely time in New York City and loved every restaurant we went to. The people were terrific, our hotel (Hotel Moderne) was exotic and loads of fun (!), and the city's energetic bustle was amazing. NYC is truly a city that does not sleep.

Please forgive me for not writing more. It was an exhausting trip, and there are many things for me to attend to now that I have returned home. And one of our sweet darlings had four new puppies right after we finished our performance. So there is much that is vying for my attention right now.

I will get back into the writing swing in another day or two. For now, I want to enjoy the sensation of returning to work after being away for an entire week. Thank you to all the personal good wishes and comments I received prior and during my trip. I appreciate all of you!

Happy Teaching!

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