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Saturday, April 16, 2011

100 Days Challenge!

Congratulations to Maddie and Emma for completing the 100 Days Challenge! I know their mom is not far behind in her own 100 Days Challenge. Congratulations to Mary Stella also for completing the 100 Days. I wish I had a picture of everyone who has successfully completed their challenge. When I asked whether the students were going to "take a break" or continue with another 100 days, the unanimous answer was, "We're going to continue!"
Maddie and Emma

And now, a 2 second video from our youngest student: "I love the violin!"


  1. I explain the challenge in my January 1, 2011 post. You can begin the 100 days challenge anytime. Periodically I do a 100 days challenge myself just to reinforce my habits. I've gone as far as 2 years once! I have a 16 year old student who hasn't skipped a day of practice since she was 5, even when she had to be hospitalized. This young lady is in book 10 now.