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Sunday, March 13, 2011


You asked for photos of the incentive pads. These are just 4 of the many designs available. You can do a Google search and pull up several sites that sell these pads, including:




I just shop at my local teacher store. Sometimes I can find a wall chart that matches one of the pads. I look for pads that have 25-30 squares on them.

There are some pads that have more squares, but for my purposes here, the smaller size suits us. I know it costs money for these things, but the cost is well worth the results I've been getting in terms of practice.

I thought you'd enjoy seeing my new incentive pad wall paper. I took the picture early last week. The paper has spread with even more color now. My students are really excited about hanging up their charts. Now my students have been bugging me to let them pin the chart to the wall.

This is my current wall chart for recording points. The student gets one point for:

every 3 practice days
attending lesson
attending group class (or a youth orchestra or string project program)
a completed incentive pad chart
a completed assignment (e.g., a written music assignment)

Let me explain why there are a few students who have minimal points on this chart. One child broke her arm in 2 places. Two other students only recently joined us.

Hope you enjoy these colorful photos!


  1. Thanks! A picture is worth a thousand words! The dollar stapled to the student's music totally perked up a student who's usually Mr. Casual. I'll be seeing him later today....

    Smiles! Diane

  2. Can't wait to hear how Mr. Casual's lesson goes! We are on spring break this week. So nice to have a week to get used to Daylight Savings Time. Kids don't do so well for about a week after.

  3. Mr. Casual rocked! He came into his lesson more alert, confident and engaged. By the way - he's never sounded better! Let's see how long the charm lasts!