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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Jamey's practice book

In recent posts I've discussed various practice tools: practice logs, worksheets, and journals. One of my students, Jamey (10 years old), came in with a new one. His mom put together a little booklet for him with a list on each page of the various things that Jamey needs to practice. The booklet isn't very large, about 8.5 x 5.5 inches or half the size of a piece of paper. Jamey enjoys checking off everything that he has done. During our last lesson, we even thought of a few more things that he could put in his journal in the future. The journal isn't too large, so Jamey should finish it within a reasonable time, maybe a month. Then he will make up another booklet.

Jamey has given me permission to show you his journal booklet. This is the cover. Cute, isn't it? Shows how creative and fun you can make your practice tasks.

Here is what the inside of Jamey's journal looks like with his list of tasks.

Jamey's mom put in the reminder to tune his violin first. The yellow book is the Kayser etudes, op. 20 that Jamey has been working on. The green book is William Starr's scale book. Suzuki piece is what he is currently working on. We talked about adding a review component to his list. "Listen to fixes" is mom's reminder that Jamey is to listen closely to whether he is really making the corrections that I have asked him to make or whether he is just playing through things too quickly.

After Jamey completes his practice, he takes it to his mom for her signature (can you tell that mom is a teacher?).

I just thought this little booklet was the cutest thing and wanted to share it with you.

Is there anyone else out there doing the 100 days challenge? It's day 20 for me. If you haven't started, now would be a good time! Don't forget to check in.


  1. I would have added daily listening to the recording also

  2. My girls are also on day 20! After missing day 2, I haven't missed again, so I am on day 18. In fact, today when I was practicing, Rick walked by without interrupting me. I think he is getting it! I love the little booklet. I may come up with a variation for the piano.

  3. I think a listening component to the practice book is an excellent idea!