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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Posture Followup

Remember in my previous blog post discussions about posture when I discussed my student Joseph (not his real name)? Joseph's story was that he had slumping posture and did not exude confidence. He did not pass his upper level university jury at the end of the spring semester. Joseph then undertook this past summer to address the concerns that the faculty expressed and to learn how to stand up tall and straight. I reported that this fall semester, Joseph looked like an entirely different person and he walked with an erect and confident posture. Many folks noticed and commented on the transformation. The upper level jury exam still loomed at the end of the semester, and this time would be Joseph's last opportunity to pass it.

I am writing with good news. Joseph passed his upper level today. He walked into the jury room with an erect posture and a good attitude. He respectfully answered questions or greetings from faculty jurors, and he spoke in a sure voice. And he passed! As one faculty member put it, "he did it with a home run."

Congratulations to Joseph and to the other three students who also passed their string upper level juries today!

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