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Monday, December 20, 2010

Dreaming Your Life with Mad Libs

In past blog posts, I've talked about the importance of writing goals down and about framing your goals in a way that creates a picture in your mind. I thought I'd help you dream your future life and have fun in the process. All you have to do is fill in the blanks!

Health & Fitness: how you will be looking and feeling when you have reached your desired level of health and fitness

I am full of full of energy. My _____ [body part] looks and feels like __________ [enter description]. I enjoy playing _____ [sport] and look great while doing it. My clothes fit _____ [describe]. I enjoy eating healthy foods like _____ [examples], along with my workouts _____ [how often].

__________ [insert any other description specific to your situation].

Family: how you will relate to your partner, children, and parents

I enjoy spending time with _____ [insert names]. We spend time _____ [insert activity]. We talk to each other _____ [how often] _____ [how you communicate]. I make time to be with _____ [name] and plan activities such as _____ [activity] to do together.

__________ [insert any other description specific to your situation].

Friends: how you relate to your friends and vice versa

I enjoy meeting up with _____ [names] on a regular basis of _____ [how often]. We like to _____ [activity] and make time to do so on a fairly consistent basis. I frequently tell my friends how much I enjoy their company and look for ways to spend more time with them. My friends often tell me that _____ [describe] and look forward to our planned activities together.

__________ [insert any other description specific to your situation].

Home: how your perfect home will look and how you will feel about living in it

I own a home in _____ [describe]. It is located in _____ [type of area], so we can enjoy _____ [what is specific to the area]. The home has _____ [number] of bedrooms and _____ [number of bathrooms]. We can fit _____ [number] of cars in the garage. In the backyard we have _____ [describe]. We are located near to _____ [describe]. We own about _____ [number] acres of land, which we use to _____ [describe]. We enjoy living in our home so much. When we are there, we _____ [describe activities].

__________ [insert any other description specific to your situation].

Career: what are your skill sets, strengths, and feelings about fulfilling your purpose

I am a good _____ [describe] because I am good at _____ [describe]. I use my skills to _____ [describe]. People call me to work for them because _____ [describe], and I enjoy helping them because I can _____ [describe]. My career perfectly fulfills my purpose of _____ [describe] because _____[describe].

__________ [insert any other description specific to your situation].

Finances: what your financial situation will be

In 1 year, I will earn _____[$]. In 5 years, I will earn _____ [$]. By the time I retire in _____ [number] of years, I will be worth _____ [$]. I earn enough money to live a rich and full life. Because I am financially independent, I am able to give gifts or offer my talents to benefit others, such as _____[describe].

__________ [insert any other description specific to your situation].

Spirituality: how you connect with your God, church, church community, higher power, or something larger than yourself

I enjoy spending time _____ [describe]. This puts me in touch with _____ [higher power]. I enjoy spending time with my _____ [organization]. I have made several good friends, and we spend time together _____ [describe activities]. I offer my gifts of _____ [describe], and I am asked to use my talents of _____ [describe] to benefit the lives of _____ [describe community].

__________ [insert any other description specific to your situation].

Leisure: what are the activities outside of work that you enjoy

In my free time, I now enjoy _____ [describe]. I have time to do _____ [describe something you have started doing again], and I can now enjoy _____ [describe].

__________ [insert any other description specific to your situation].

Community: what your neighborhood and your community way of life look like

I live in the _____ [describe neighborhood area, city, or country] where I enjoy _____ [describe something about the neighborhood], which enables me to do _____ [describe activity]. My neighborhood also allows me the enjoyment of _____ [describe].

__________ [insert any other description specific to your situation].

World View: how the world would look if everything were perfect and what your role in the world would be

The world around me is more _____ [describe]. Everyone is more focused on _____ [describe] rather than conflict. We work together to _____ [describe]. My place in the world now is as a _____ [describe], and I _____ [describe activities]. I have the full support of _____ [describe].

__________ [insert any other description specific to your situation].

Life Purpose

If asked today, I would say that my life purpose is to _____ [describe].


After completing the above exercise, consider how different your life now might be from that described above. Do you have a purpose or vision statement? Do you dream about anything now that isn't reflected above in the description of your dream life?

We are entering into the final countdown for the year 2010. Today is day 12 in the final countdown. Counting today, we have just 12 more days left in this year. Why not use these 12 days to think about those steps we can put into action to build some of that dream life we described above?

Do you have a list of goals for the coming year? Will you be ready to start living your dream life come January 1, 2011?

I have updated my "About Me" page to include several links for more information about the Artisan Quartet and me, and I have added a link to a media presentation about my full life with music and my dogs, alpacas, and donkeys. Check it out and leave me a comment.

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