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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Monday Morning Goal Setting

It's Monday morning, and you know what that means. A new week in which to accomplish things, even if we just take a few steps forward. But what steps will you take this week?

First, have you set any goals? I think it's a good idea to review goals periodically and to think of them in three possible ways. I start by thinking long term. What goals would I like to accomplish in my life in 5-10 years from now? I consider how old I will be in that time period, and then I start making my list. I am quite expansive in this area. I have written as many as 100 things on this list. I don't always look at the list again for another year or so, and when I do, I am amused to find that I have accomplished many of the items I have written.

Second, I consider what I might like to accomplish in the mid-range of time, like 1-5 years. I figure out my age during that time period, and then I think of the things I would like to complete in that time range. Third, I think short-term and consider what I would like to do in 6 months to 1 year. This list might also include initial steps that I might take to accomplish any of the mid-range and long-term goals.

In all of the process I have described above, I write everything down on paper. I have read of studies conducted at a major institution of higher learning, which asked students to think of a master list of goals to accomplish. The students were contacted later to report the progress they made on accomplishing their goals. The study found that those students who wrote down their goals on paper accomplished more goals than those students who did not write them.

So, start thinking and writing those goals.

Weekly focus challenge: consider your posture when practicing or in other activities. Make an effort to correct any misalignments in your body.

Weekly review challenge: Variations A & B of the Twinkles. If you are in book 2 or 3,  strive to use longer bows. If you are in book 4 or above, start the variations with up bow and play them with "upside down" bowing. The sound should be similar to a down bow variation. You might also challenge yourself by playing the variations all on one string or on different strings.

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