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Monday, November 1, 2010

Summer Transformation

A few days ago I told you about my university student Joseph, his encounter with my Posture Watchdog Kaiser, and Joseph's unsuccessful attempt at the upper level review. Let me continue the story. I gave Joseph an intensive summer workout program to address the issues raised by the jury committee during Joseph's upper level review performance. In addition, we had another long talk about the need to present oneself in a confident and commanding manner. Then I dismissed Joseph for the summer and prayed that he would finally listen to all that I and everyone in the studio had suggested to him in the past two years.

When Joseph returned in the fall semester, he was a different student and person. I almost didn't recognize him, because he looked like a new person, a different person. He had cut his hair rather short, but it wasn't his hair that caught my attention. It was his bearing. He stood completely upright, almost military. I know that the changes he made were very slight ones, but the final appearance result was a complete transformation. He exuded confidence and leadership with every move. When he interviewed for one of the university string project positions, the other interviewer remarked immediately on the transformation and was all talk about confidence, strength, and leadership. It was a truly amazing change.

I brought my dog Kaiser into the office again shortly thereafter, and the little fellow noticed nothing out of the ordinary. Kaiser didn't even seem to notice that Joseph had entered the room. This was a great change from the previous year. Joseph had passed the Kaiser test.

Can one's posture really affect one's confidence level? It's a question worth considering, and I have two student stories to share that might persuade you. I will tell you more tomorrow about my conclusions regarding the uplift in confidence that Joseph experienced as a result of altering his posture.

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