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Listen to the Teach Suzuki Podcast!

The Teach Suzuki Podcast has launched! You may find it in iTunes here. Please consider visiting and subscribing to this new podcast. I would appreciate any feedback and comments as well to improve the podcast or concerning future episodes. You may email me at: paulabirdviolin@gmail.com or leave me a voicemail comment or suggestion at: (512) 537-6356. You may also listen to the podcast on the podcast website: http://teachsuzuki.com.

Here are the episodes you may have missed:

001 TSP What is the Suzuki Method?

002 TSP The 6 Suzuki Philosophy Points

003 TSP Are You Listening?

004 TSP Top 10 Things a Suzuki Parent Should Know

005 TSP How Parents Can Help at Lessons

006 How to Take Notes at the Music Lesson

007 What Kind of Parent Are You?

008 Preacher Teacher

009 100 Things to Do in the Summer

010 How to Beat Burnout

011 How to Teach Your Child (Practice)

The Million Dollar LessonThe Million Dollar Lesson is a tool designed to teach the child (and the parent) about appropriate lesson behaviors. Some teachers and parents may have difficulty accepting this teaching tool, and this episode looks at various viewpoints and offers some caveats about how to use the tool effectively. This episode also provides links to several suggested books and other tools about parenting that might provide help to a parent.

Here is a list of other "Reflections" podcast episodes:

Here is a list of the shorter "Reflections" podcast, which are short (minutes long) reflections about a Dr. Suzuki quote or other aspect of the Suzuki philosophy or journey. These short episodes offer small steps we can take to have a powerful effect on the lives of children. You may find the current episodes below.

How Observant Are You?
Empower or Limit Your Child?
Expand Your Thinking!
Do You Like Your Child?

Other recordings of interest include:

Let's Get Ready to Play! This short (under 4 minutes) recording includes the setup steps to begin playing and is especially suited for beginners and Pre-Twinklers.

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